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Captain Zac!

Following on from Zac Efron’s announcement that High School Musical 3 would be his last in the franchise, he has signed up to star in the 4th installment of the continuing Pirates of the Caribbean saga.

Keen to keep arguably the most popular star among teens in the world on their books, Disney have shifted from one popular franchise to another. With Efron starring alongside Johnny Depp in the upcoming pirate tale, is there a female alive that won’t want to see this film?


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No College Musical?

“This will be the last one.

“We’re all in our senior year and have graduated. It is sad but we all have to grow up some time and now it is our time.

“We have saved the best for last – but this is definitely our last stop on the school trip.”

These are the words of Zac ‘Troy’ Efron, talking to Telegraph.co.uk after the premiere of High School Musical 3 in London earlier this week. Devastating news to millions of HSM fans around the world but the right move for Efron who has surely done all he can with this franchise and has seen stock in Hollywood rise massively. In the same interview Efron said that the leading role in Footloose is an attractive one and with the director wanting him for the main part, this could be Efron’s next project.

Girlfriend and co-star Vanessa Hudgens agrees with Efron but Corbin Bleu has said he will do another HSM. Without Efron and Hudgens, Bleu would take centre stage along with Ashley Tilsdale, if she were to stay, and given his modest success away from the HSM franchise this could be his best move.

The big question is whether Disney will continue with High School Musical without its two main characters? The wise bet would be on yes – you only have to look at some of the straight-to-DVD sequels/prequels of the animated films to see evidence of Disney milking a franchise for all it is worth! Maybe they will take inspiration from Saved by the Bell and we will see High School Musical: The New Class!

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