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The isolation of being offline

On Monday I had the great pleasure of getting home from work to find our internet was down. This happens from time to time and I figured it would be back in a few minutes. To my dismay dinner came and went, but still no internet.

I tried calling my broadband provider, Talk Talk, but their marvelous system led me down a route which concluded with me being cut off, on all 3 of my attempts!

At this point I started feeling very much like I was cut off from the outside world, not having been online since I left work 2.5 hours ago. There was an extenuating circumstance though; I had an eBay auction due to end which was of slightly modest value, at least compared to the other 99p listings that had ended earlier that day! To not be able to see its progress or see if there were any queries felt very limiting, and I didn’t like it!

There were also times where I would grab my iPod Touch or mobile phone (Nokia 5800) to Tweet, but alas, then I’d remember I had no internet connection. This did highlight my need to sign up for a web bolt-on for my mobile phone – with a 1 year old in the house we quite often check websites like for advice.

In this day and age it’s not surprising to miss being online, but to the extent I experienced on Monday, well that was quote an eye opener and to just how attached to the internet I am. I’d say there is a definite possibility if me being addicted to Twitter!

The connection came back just as we were going to bed so I binged on Twitter updates, emails and eBay activity – it felt good!

As an aside this post is the first created on the iPod Touch WordPress application so I apologise for any spelling errors, I’ll check when I am at a computer next.


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