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Lewis Hamilton Promoted to 3rd in Australian Grand Prix!

Jarno Trulli has been penalised for his behaviour while the safety car was out towards the end of the race and as such he drops to the truth, the new race classification is as follows (courtesy of F1 Fanatic):

1. Jenson Button
2. Rubens Barrichello
3. Lewis Hamilton
4. Timo Glock
5. Fernando Alonso
6. Nico Rosberg
7. Sebastien Buemi
8. Sebastien Bourdais
9. Adrian Sutil
10. Nick Heidfeld
11. Giancarlo Fisichella
12. Jarno Trulli
13. Mark Webber
14. Sebastian Vettel
15. Robert Kubica
16. Kimi Raikkonen

As can be seen – Lewis Hamilton has now been promoted to 3rd, just a pity he didn’t get to enjoy the moment on the podium. This is fantastic news for both Lewis and McLaren and it’s nice to see a penalty decision go in favour or Hamilton for once.

Lewis Hamilton - 3rd in Australia!

So, one race down and 6 points scored – if you’d told Lewis 24 hours ago that he’d be finishing 3rd today I think he’s thought you were mad!


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Twitter – Number 1 for News

Follow the right people and Twitter can be the best place for news on the internet, and indeed anywhere. As an avid fan of Formula 1 I was interested to see the results of the practice sessions for the Australian Grand Prix yesterday but was not in a position to watch or listen to then, enter Twitter.

F1 news on Twitter

F1 news on Twitter

Thanks to my following of @f1_fans, @sidepodcast, @F1Weekly and @f1fanatic_co_uk I was able to keep up to date with everything that happened in all three practice sessions throughout the day.

I was also provided with links to articles and photos should I want to peruse any tweet in further detail, which indeed I did on a few occasions. The real time, multiple reporting way that Twitter works makes it second to none as a news source, especially when the reporters are all hand chosen by us.


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F1 Broadcast times on BBC for Australian Grand Prix

Prompted by searches that reached this blog, here are the broadcast times on BBC for the Australian Grand Prix this weekend, courtesy of F1 on BBC.co.uk:

Qualifying – Saturday 28th March – 5.00am

Grand Prix – Sunday 29th March – 6.00am

Australian Grand Prix

Australian Grand Prix

My prediction for Melbourne:


1st – Felipe Masa
2nd – Jenson Button
3rd – Lewis Hamilton

Race Result:

1st – Lewis Hamilton
2nd – Felipe Massa
3rd – Kimi Raikkonen

Jenson Button will retire through engine trouble.

My predictions are probably ruled a lot by my heart and not so much my head, as I am a die hard McLaren fan!

The McLaren team are on Twitter here: Twitter.com/TheFifthDriver

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