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Pirates Online – 1 Year!

MMOG = Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Pirates Online is a Pirates of the Caribbean MMOG, apparently! I recall hearing about this when it was in development, but then our son came along and I thought nothing more of it. It’s been going for a year a now and some fun stats about the game are thus:

– Ships Sunk: 121,602,136

– Hands of Blackjack Played: 19,815,360

– Number of Ship Repairs Completed: 33,829,645

– Tattoos Purchased: 288,547

It’s free to play and can be downloaded here – maybe when things calm down a bit I too can fulfil those pirate dreams, virtually.


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What’s your unpoened game?

According to Entertainment Merchants Association, 11% of gamers have at least one unopened game, as in still in the shrink-wrap. Mine is Cars Mater National, and considering I bought my PS3 just before my son was born I am surprised the other 3 have been opened and played!

More worrying is the stack of 10 Blu-rays that remain unwatched – I haven’t watched one all the way through yet and the Blu-ray functionality was the main reason I bought the PS3!

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