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2nd November – Disney Blu-ray / DVD Combi Re-release day!

First came the DVD, then the extended version, then the Blu-ray and now Disney are re-releasing some of their catalogue in Blu-ray/DVD Combi Packs, presumably to keep them in line with their recent releases…oh, and to make a heap of money as well!

Blu-ray / DVD Combi Pack

Blu-ray / DVD Combi Pack

The titles being released as Blu-ray / DVD Combi packs on November 2nd are as follow:

Pirates Of The Caribbean – The Curse Of The Black Pearl Combi Pack (Blu-ray + DVD)
Enchanted Combi Pack (Blu-ray + DVD)
The Nightmare Before Christmas Combi Pack (Blu-ray + DVD)
The Chronicles Of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe Combi Pack (Blu-ray + DVD)
The Chronicles Of Narnia – Prince Caspian Combi Pack (Blu-ray + DVD)
Cars Combi Pack (Blu-ray + DVD)
Tinker Bell Combi Pack (Blu-ray + DVD)
High School Musical Combi Pack (Blu-ray + DVD)
Ratatouille Combi Pack (Blu-ray + DVD)

Of those we have Pirates of the Caribbean on both DVD and Blu-ray, Enchanted on Blu-ray, The Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe on DVD, Cars on Blu-ray and DVD, High School Musical on DVD and Ratatouille on Blu-ray. These Combi Packs are all priced at £12.98 ($20.87) which is a pretty damn good price and less than I paid for any of the Blu-rays, and probably the DVDs at the time. As an avid Disney collector, am I tempted to re-buy any of those that I have? In a word, no. That said I’m probably not the target consumer for these deals, more likely they are for people who don’t already have these titles. I don’t have Prince Caspian and am very tempted to get this Combi Pack at just £12.98 as I like to play Blu-ray in the lounge and DVDs elsewhere in the house.

It’ll be interesting to see if other companies follow suit, but as usual Disney are the front runners in the way Blu-rays are released.


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The Incredibles Comic and does Cars 2 have a name?

Hot on the tail of Monsters, Inc. comic news comes more Disney Pixar comic book news, The Incredibles. Launching Monday 24th August was a The Incredibles #0 which is a prelude issue leading up to the main story arc which starts next month.



Things From Another World gives the following detail on this first issue:

The Incredibles #0 launches an all-new story arc written by legendary scribe Mark Waid with covers by Matt Wagner! Take a quick glimpse at the recent past and witness the action-packed birth of everyone’s favorite super-powered baby-Jack-Jack!

But labor pains were never this difficult! The Parrs will have to fight through a phalanx of evil before the new addition to their family can safely arrive!

I’ll wait for the inevitable trade paperback and read the whole story on one go, and save money at the same time – an all round win!

Onto Cars and Disney recently registered the following domains:

I’m going to take a wild guess that the second Cars film will be called Cars 2: World Grand Prix – remember you (probably didn’t) here it here first!

World Grand Prix?

World Grand Prix?

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Disney Pixar to Sell World’s Most Expensive Desk Lamp with UP Blu-ray

This year’s Disney Pixar film is called UP, and though it hasn’t been released here in the UK yet, it has received rave reviews in America where it came out in May. We will have to wait until October to see UP, as seems to be the trend in recent years for Disney Pixar films in the UK.

Back on point, have an exclusive version of the UP Blu-ray which comes packaged with a collectible Luxo Jr. desk lamp. You remember Luxo Jnr., he’s the little lamp fellow from the Pixar credit at the start of each of their films. This package will cost you a mighty $139.99, which considering the normal Blu-ray version costs just $31.99, it means that the Luxo Jr. lamp is costing you $108! Look closely and you’ll see that the lamp has no branding and looks like a standard lamp you could buy for a tenth of the price in any household shop!

The Price is Light!

The Price is Light!

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Strange Monsters, Inc. 2 rumours & some encouraging signs?

Searching the internet for news on Monsters, Inc 2 I found this post on

The story picks up twenty years later. Boo is all grown up, and has a family of her own. She runs a toy company that makes stuffed animals. One night, one of the monsters comes into her little girls room to do their normal comedy routine, and sees a stuffed toy of Sullivan (which Boo made from her childhood memories). He reports back to Sully what he found, and he goes through the door to see for himself.

When he enters the room, grown up Boo is asleep on her daughter’s bed, and groggily awakes just long enough to see “Kitty?” Sully jumps back into the closet, and runs off the laugh-floor, leaving the door “hot”.

She follows him in, only to find herself in the plant. She looks around thinking, “This place looks familiar.”

I quite like this idea, bringing it back to the original with the next generation of children makes sense. However, this rumour was soon denied by someone in the know with this post:

Actually all this is incorrect – the OP is a hacker wanting to be creative and wanting some attention. I have direct knowledge of the situation (you’ll just have to trust me). “Monsters Inc. 2”, as all Pixar movies, was addressed in the upper levels of Pixar creative and executive management twice – once in the summer of 2004 and re-touched again in the Spring of 2006. There were two story lines that were considered – one was involving Boo just a few days after Monsters Inc went on-line with the laughter as energy switchover – a more traditional approach. The other story line was more “out there” – a prequel to Monsters Inc. – it involved how the monsters discovered human child screaming energy thing came to be. No Sully and no Mike, and certainly no Boo – a young Roz was mentioned as playing a role, however. Both of these story lines were scratched, as creatively neither could touch the “magic” or originality of the original, and consequently all efforts to build a story for “Monsters Inc 2” were abandoned by summer ’06 as I recall. They felt there was a risk in creating Monsters Inc 2 that other Pixar movies (Incredibles & Toy Story) don’t have – meaning there’s is a built in story line that allows for further story telling. Monsters Inc didn’t have that story telling continuum – it ran its course. No link. No way to verify this, except if Pete decided to speak. Take it or leave it.


Since this post it has come out that the likeliness of there being a Monsters, Inc 2 film is getting higher and is due out in 2012 if is to be believed!

On July 29th this year Disney Enterprises, Inc registered and this sent the rumour mill into over-drive! But in realty this could be just stop someone else registering the domain rather than conclusive proof that the sequel to Monsters, Inc. is being made.

I’m going to add some more fuel to the fire by suggesting that the release of Monsters, Inc.: Laugh Factory #1 comic this past Wednesday is to get the franchise back into the public eye before releasing news that yes, Monsters, Inc 2 is going ahead!

Comic screams!

Comic screams!

Add in the recent release of Monsters, Inc. on Blu-ray on July 27th and the profile of the franchise is being boosted a lot within a 3 week period.

Monsters, Inc. is my favourite of the Disney Pixar films so a sequel is given the thumbs up by me.

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Film Review: WALL-E

I know this came out a year ago, and as a self confessed Disney geek I really should have watched WALL-E by now, but the arrival of our son threw our world off kilter, in a good way. My wife got the Blu-ray for her birthday last month and tonight we sat down to watch it, at last.



The Film
It took only a few short moments until I connected with WALL-E, as his solitary plight to clean up Earth tugged on my heart strings. His only friend at that time was a cockroach, who lived up to the myth that they can survive anything a few times during the film. The emotion portrayed by WALL-E was quite spectacular for a computer generated robot, though if anyone was going to get that right it would be Disney Pixar.

The arrival of EVE saw WALL-E go into courting mode which was as equally charming as it was funny, especially WALL-E’s attempts to hold EVE’s hand, something that would become the main crux of the film.

Once in space on one of the escape ships and we actually encountered some humans. Almost strange that the humans in WALL-E’s favourite film and in archived footage were actual real humans, but the humans on the ship were computer generated. The characterisation of all the different robots was once again superb and I’m sure I’m not the only one who had an I Robot moment when the auto-pilot turned on the Captain.

Great seeing the Captain walk for what I assume was the first time, baby steps en route to his victory over the auto-pilot! Once back on Earth it was heart-breaking when it appeared WALL-E’s consciousness was gone, despite EVE’s best efforts to mend him. Fantastic moment when the hand holding came full circle and led to the return of WALL-E.

My only complaint is that once Wall-E and EVE were together, the film ended a little bit abruptly. While we saw what happened next, briefly, in the credits – I’d have liked to seen a bit more of this as part of the actual film, even just 5 minutes would have done.

Blu-ray Quality
This will be a short section, the picture was just absolutely stunning and is the best example of high definition I have seen to date. In particular the part where WALL-E and EVE are flying around in space, WALL-E aided by a fire extinguisher, was breath-taking. The sound was perfect when it needed to be but by the nature of the film was more subtle throughout, rather than a room shaking experience like that of Bolt.

I think it was very brave of Disney Pixar to put out a film with such little dialogue but it worked. I’m not sure if it works as well for kids as previous Disney Pixar films but I really enjoyed it and even want to watch the making of features which is very rare for me! Back in July I rated the Disney Pixar films and right now I’ll sleep on it before seeing where WALL-E slots in, but I’m thinking around the Cars / Finding Nemo level at the moment. WALL-E was well worth the wait and comes with a huge recommendation – go watch it of you haven’t already.

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Disneyland Paris – continued improvements or just commercial greed?

It seems that over the past few weeks plans for changes in Disneyland Paris, along with changes already made, are slowly but surely taking a lot of the charm and identity from the resort in favour of money making ideas seen on the average high street.

It all started when the the Buffalo Trading Co. closed down in Disney Village to be replaced by Starbucks. Yes, they closed down a western themed shop, which sat perfectly with Billy Bob’s Western Saloon and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and replaced it withe a coffee shop that can be seen on any street in any town in the world, many times over.

From Cowboy to Coffee

From Cowboy to Coffee

The Buffalo Trading Co. was the only uniquely themed establishment in Disney Village and a great one at that – it even had it’s own distinctive smell. I realise that Starbucks will be a money making machine for them but at what expense?

The following two examples are at the rumour stage at the moment and are doing the rounds on the various Disneyland Paris websites and forums. Both will be additions to Disney Village.

Earl of Sawndwich
You can read more about the planned location at DLRP Today but needless to say it’s a sandwich shop, with an Olde English theme. But isn’t there a sandwich shop in Disney Village already I hear you cry? Of course there is, New York Style Sandwiches which serve up one of the greatest sandwiches I’ve ever had in the form of the Cheese and Avocado toasted sandwich – that’s been the basis of many a lunch in previous visits to Disneyland Paris for me. Why on earth do we need a second sandwich shop?

Jules Verne Pub
You can read more about what exactly one of these is over at DLRP Today, but like my previous point, with the Sports Bar already in situ at Disney Village, is it really big enough to justify another alcoholic drinking establishment? With Disneyland Paris being so family oriented, would it kill them to provide some children’s entertainment in the village, especially with so many of the months seeing the park closing at 7am.

With these changes to Disney Village it seems to be taking the shape of your average high street and less like the Disney Village you would expect from the name. I hate that McDonalds is part of Disney Village – it’s a gross reminder of everyday life back home and it’s a horrible faceless multi-national example low quality exploitation, but at least it’s hidden round the corner from the main strip. To see Starbucks in Disney Village will make the escapism of visiting Disneyland Paris that much harder to achieve, thrown in more generic pubs and restaurants and it it won’t be Disney, mores the pity.


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Are you sure they are Disney?

Seen in The Range:



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