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Paddington sold out?

When I was little I had Paddington Bear everything; Pyjamas, Duvet Cover, Curtains, lampshade and even a Paddington Bear bin! Now one of the things Paddington was most known for was his love of marmalade sandwiches. You with me so far? Imagine my shock when I see our beloved Paddington Bear advertising a sandwich filling on TV that isn’t marmalade!

Paddington Bear now has Marmite in his sandwiches!!!

Has the credit crunch hit Paddington that much that he sold his soul to the other side? Is it not enough that Opal Fruits and Marathons no longer exist but now Paddington doesn’t eat marmalade sandwiches?



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Weebles Wobble…

…but they don’t fall down!

That’s the little rhyme that used to accompany the advert these when I was a child. I remember having a Weeble garage with little Weeble cars – I had no idea they were still making these. The set in the picture is for 18+ months so we’ll have to wait another 8 months before we can buy anything like this for Lucas.

The Weebles themselves seem to have changes a bit, they used to look like this:

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