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DailyLit – read books by email or RSS

Some time ago I was referred to a website called Daily Lit which unsurprisingly is based around daily reading…of a book, via either email or RSS.

Bite size book bits

Bite size book bits

The idea is that you choose a book you want to read and then select how many chunks you want to read it in, which days you want to read it, when you want to receive it and a bunch of other editable variables like text size too. You can have it sent directly to your mailbox or you can view it via an RSS feed. Some books are free of charge and others you have to pay for.

I’ve been a member since before Christmas and have been reading a book called Little Brother which Daily Lit summarises as A scarily realistic adventure about how homeland security technology could be abused to wrongfully imprison innocent Americans. A teenage hacker-turned-hero pits himself against the government to fight for his basic freedoms.

The bite sized chunks are just right for reading over breakfast and even though I am eager to see how the story progresses I like the daily delivery of the book and look forward to receiving that email at 6.40 every morning. I have so far had 60 installments and have 56% of the book left to read.

Next step could be books by Twitter – hey, I couldn’t go a post without mentioning our favourite Tweeters, we’re rivaling our friends at Tech Crunch!


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Wil Wheaton uses Twitter to research, launch & advertise PDF version of new book

While you probably know Wil Wheaton as an actor, maybe from Stand By Me or Star Trek TN, you may not be aware that he is also one of the most prolific celebrity Twitter users and a self-confessed geek. In fact, the title of one his books previous books is Just A Geek.

Wil’s latest book is called Sunken Treasure and has been available for sale for 28 days now. Evident from yesterday’s activity on Twitter is that next on Wil’s mind was launching an electronic version, and here is the timeline of events:

Hour 1
– Tweet 1: Wil asks his followers if anyone would be interested in an electronic copy of Sunken treasure for $5
– Tweet 2: Wil says that lots have responded with interest in a PDF version for $5

Hour 2
– Tweet 3: Wil presents the launch of the PDF version and links to it here
– Tweet 4: Wil announces that lots of people have purchased the PDF version and asks for feedback

Hour 3
– Tweet 5: Wil tells us that PDF sales in the last hour are the 1/5th of physical sales over the last 28 days
– Tweet 6: Wil posts that one of his followers has said I was able to order, download, and start enjoying right from my iPhone. Awesome!

Hour 5
– Tweet 7: Wil’s Google alerts are telling him that users are spreading the word of the PDF version.

The power of Twitter, as proven by Wil Wheaton and his many followers. While I am very tempted to get the PDF version myself, I am still one of those people that likes to have the actual book in my hands so I’ll be purchasing it via Lulu.

Follow the Geek!

Follow the Geek!

Wil can be found on Twitter here, and also writes an award winning blog here.

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"I’m just being Miley"

If you don’t know the name Miley Cyrus or her television alter ego Hannah Montana, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past 6 months, or listening exclusively to Radio 4. Miley, daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus (remember Achy Breaky Heart?), is a megastar in America and one of the top franchises under the Disney banner at the moment.

Miley has recently been over to London for the first time and performed at BBC Switch this past Sunday. It has just been announced that at a mere 15 years old, she has finished a book of her life, for which she was paid a 7 figure sum. While some may baulk at this, anyone who has ever heard Miley talk will know this is a young lady with her head well and truly screwed on. Coming from a show business family is never easy and when driven along by the Disney media machine, well, life must have been pretty hectic.

The book is due out in March 2009 and I for one am quite intrigued to see what a 15 year old fills a whole book with, even one as successful as Miss Cyrus!


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The various adventures, exploits and titillations of Paul West span 4 books, so far, and are chronicled by Stephen Clarke.

A Year in the Merde gave us our first look at the sometimes complicated but often funny life of Paul West in his quest to open an English Tea Room in France – a far more taxing project than any of us could ever imagine. Merde Actually picks up where A Year in the Merde left off and sees Paul’s dream come reality, and an emphasis now put on finding Madame Parfait! The third instalment, Merde Happens, sees events take many an interesting turn in a Mini Cooper and a location change to America!

The 4th and most recent book is Dial M for Merde and is a murder mystery (as one would no doubt guess from the title) with our hero Paul West in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person, or is it?

Clarke’s books are full of fun, frolics and an impressive amount of culture and history. An assortment of fantastic characters and captivating story make all these books page turners which come with the highest of recommendations. See for yourself at Stephen’s website: linkage!

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