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Casio F-91W – a watch for the ages

Today I was transported back in time 18 years as I received a gift in the form of a classic timepiece – the Casio F-91W. After not having worn a watch for almost a year it took a few hours before I stopped looking at other ways to tell the time – laptop, cooker, mobile phone, iTouch – all watch substitutes over the past 12 months. Now of course, I have this genius piece of digital technology.

Back in time...

Back in time...

The Casio F-91W first came out in 1991, in fact I’m almost sure I had one back then. It has a whole heap of features such as a stopwatch, alarm, light and even the ability to switch between 24hr and 12hr time display at the click of a button. It is also Water Resistant (read Splash Resistant), hence the WR emblazoned in red on the front.

One look at the screen tells me the time, date and day – there is no doubt that I have on my wrist a king amongst watches, one that I wholly recommend to anyone.


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