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Do Us A Flavour

Do Us A Flavour – the latest marketing drive by Walkers Crisps where we, the general public, get to choose from 6 flavours and vote on which one we’d like to become part of the normal range. The 6 flavours are:

Chilli & Chocolate
Onion Bhaji
Cajun Squirrel
Fish & Chips
Crispy Duck & Hoi Sin
Builder’s Breakfast

I managed to find Onion Bhaji, Cajun Squirrel, Fish & Chips and Builder’s Breakfast yesterday, while wifey managed to get a pack of Crispy Duck & Hoi Sin. Neither of us is really interested in Chilli & Chocolate but we try it for completeness sake. We tried the Fish & Chips and Crispy Duck & Hoi Sin last night and neither did a great deal for us! The flavours were pretty weak and I can’t imagine choosing either of them over old favourites like Prawn Cocktail and Cheese & Onion. Maybe the other flavours will be better, but I have my doubts. God only knows what the Cajun Squirrel will involve, wifey refuses to try that one!


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Paddington sold out?

When I was little I had Paddington Bear everything; Pyjamas, Duvet Cover, Curtains, lampshade and even a Paddington Bear bin! Now one of the things Paddington was most known for was his love of marmalade sandwiches. You with me so far? Imagine my shock when I see our beloved Paddington Bear advertising a sandwich filling on TV that isn’t marmalade!

Paddington Bear now has Marmite in his sandwiches!!!

Has the credit crunch hit Paddington that much that he sold his soul to the other side? Is it not enough that Opal Fruits and Marathons no longer exist but now Paddington doesn’t eat marmalade sandwiches?


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Budget Meals: Pasta Bake

Costs from Sainsburys:

200g Pasta = 30p
200g Sweetcorn = 30p
200ml Milk = 20p
185g Tuna = 55p
100g Cheese = 72p
295g Campbell’s 99% Fat Free Mushroom Condensed Soup = 53p

Total Cost = £2.60

Cook the pasta! Drain and then add the soup, tuna, sweetcorn and milk. Heat through, stirring regularly. Transfer to an oven dish and sprinkle the cheese on top. Grill until golden brown on top, and serve!

Serves 4

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