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Idol > X-Factor

While I’ve watched the odd episode I’ve never watched a whole series of American Idol, something which is in the process of being rectified as I have tuned in to every episode of the new season, the 8th American Idol, so far.

The quality of the good singers is far superior to what we see on X-Factor and all the people, and the show in general just seems to be a lot more fun and positive. It also does have Louis Walsh and his idiotic pandering to different areas and countries in a shameless attempt to get votes for his poor acts.

The whole format of the show works better with all the judges voting without bias and not mentoring their own set of acts. So far the girls seem better than the guys but we’ll have to wait and see if that continues as the show progresses. The new judge Kara is good too, just don’t expect me to remember her surname!


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90210 – 20 Years On

When Beverly Hills 90210 was first shown back in 1990 I was hooked, and avidly tuned in each week for the first 2 series. Then something happened, well two things actually; I started University and the show moved to satellite TV, as it was then, so no more access to Beverly Hills 90210 for me. Being one of those people who has to watch every episode in the right order, I never watched any more than those first two seasons. Thank goodness for DVDs – I have seasons 1-3 on DVD and have re-watched season 1, with an eye to purchasing season 4 and catching up!

Fast Forward to 2009 and the new 90210 has started – they have dropped the Beverly Hills from the show name but it’s all very familiar. We are back at West Beverly High, there’s a Zuckerman involved in the school TV show and even Kelly Taylor is a staff member – the guidance counsellor no less!

The main characters are a daughter and adopted brother who move from the country to fast paced Beverly Hills – sound familiar? He’s interested in journalism and she makes friends with the most popular girl in school – sound even more familiar? Even Nat is still working at the Peach Pit! I have only watched episode 1 of the 2 shown so far and the credits promise a guest appearance from Shannon ‘ Brenda Walsh’ Doherty at some point.

It’s as shallow and trashy as it was 20 years ago, and once again I’m hooked!

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World’s Strongest Man 2008

For as long as I can remember, watching World’s Strongest Man has been a Christmas/New Year viewing tradition. Back in the 80s it was all about Geoff Capes, Bill Kazmaier and the mighty Jón Páll Sigmarsson (God rest his soul).

The 90s saw the rise of Magnús Ver Magnússon and the 2000s saw the meteoric rise of The Dominator, Marius Pudzianowski – the powerhouse from Poland who has won 4 of the last 5 competitions.

I am half Polish by my Grandparents on my Mum’s side so I can follow Marius that way. My British nationality has me wanting to support the British guys, especially big Terry Hollands who came an impressive 3rd last year.

Whatever the results, it’s bound to be an impressive display of power from the mightiest men on earth – qualifiers start tonight!


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Best of 2008

Film – Iron Man*
Album – Chinese Democracy (Guns N’ Roses)
Song – Human (The Killers)
Concert – Bon Jovi @ Twickenham (28th June)
Graphic Novel/Trade Paperback – Fables #10 The Good Prince
Sport – Formula 1
Moment – 6th May 2008, 9.25am – My Son, Lucas was born 🙂

*Still to see: Dark Knight, Wall-E, Indiana Jones 4, Wanted, Quantum of Sollace, Prince Caspian, The Clone Wars and Hellboy II


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Fables TV Show!

Fables, the greatest comic series that there ever has been…FACT!

A pilot for a TV show is being made which could be all kinds of awesome. The fantastic storylines can be carried across, it’s whether the amazing artwork transfers well to the screen.

Flycatcher as a living, breating on screen character – GOLD!

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X-Factor: Miley > Britney

Last night was Britney Night on the X-Factor with all the contestants singing one of her hits and another American song. Of course this was all highlighted, supposedly, by a live performance from Ms Spears herself.

Now when Britney appears ‘live’ we have come to expect that she will be miming, something to do with not be able to sing very well!? Anyway, that is just what she did last night, and while it was just ‘ok’ it wasn’t that impressive and won’t be leaving a very positive impression on the UK audience, which is a shame for her first UK performance in 5 years.

On to what was an impressive performance and the rising star of pop, Miley Cyrus. Not only did she sing live but her performance was rocking, to say the least. It seems the Brit could learn a few things from the recently turned Sweet Sixteen star of Hannah Montana on how to put on a show. Miley sung her latest single, 7 Things, and I urge you to check it out, here: linkage.

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GRΣΣK – see you in’09

GRΣΣK: It’s funny, fluffy TV that you can switch your brain off for and relax. In its second season it seemed to stop broadcasting after episode 10, the reason for which soon became clear; Episodes 11 onwards will be airing in Spring 2009!

There is no writer’s strike this year so this decision is slightly puzzling, and more than a little irritating, for those of us with short supplies of patience!

What will become of Casey; her dreams to get into politics and her new boyfriend? How will life change for Rusty now he’d survived Hell Week and is a fully fledged member of Kappa Tau Gamma? Will Frannie’s new sorority rip Zeta Beta Zeta apart, and which way will Rebecca turn? And what of Cappie, and his complicated little world?

All will be revealed in 6 months!?!

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