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Google image search for Nokia N97 bringing traffic to this blog

The visitors to this blog has been increasing massively over the past few days and I have just found out why. For some reason an image I posted in a blog post on March 1st of the Nokia N97 on March 1st is the first image that comes up when you do a Google image search for Nokia N97.

The sharp increase in traffic to this blog

The sharp increase in traffic to this blog

For an off the radar blog like this I find that very bizarre. Word Press must be the most Google friendly website on the interweb, and if you do a search for the Nokia N97 on Word Press, the first two results are posts on this blog: see? Must be something in the way I write my blogs that search functionality likes! It’s part of my job to optimise SEO for our websites at work, maybe it’s a subconscious skill I have developed, ;o)



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O2 may offer the Nokia N97 after all

Pocket Link are reporting that O2 are not ruling out the Nokia N97. In an earlier blog I wrote about O2 and Orange not wanting to stock the Nokia N97 due to it being pre-loaded with Skype.

O2 backing down?

O2 backing down?

If I were a betting man I’d bet that O2 will most definitely be stocking the Nokia N97, after realising how customer unfriendly their previous stance was. Nothing from Orange yet, but they have to follow suit now, or stick out as the only operator resisting modern technology – not something customers will find endearing.

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Orange & O2 may refuse Nokia N97 with Skype

CNET are reporting that mobile operators O2 and Orange may not stock the Nokia N97 which has Skype pre-loaded on the phone. They are worried that the ability to Skype will be at a detriment to the number of voice calls being used, and paid for.

With extra Skype but fewer operators

With extra Skype but fewer operators

I think they need to look at the target audience for the Nokia N97 and realise that if these people want to use Skype on their phone they are going to have it on their phone whether it comes pre-loaded or whether they have to get it themselves. There is also the fact that the N97 won’t be sold on a cheap contract anyway, so they will make their money as soon as the customer signs on the dotted line.

If is true it’s not a good precedent, they need to embracing these technologies and ingratiating themselves with the potential customer base. Skype is just the first of many applications that may threaten the traditional mobile phone model – mobile phone companies are going to have to strategise to include these or risk outdating themselves compared to companies that do see what the customer wants. It may not be an easy ride, but it’s there really is no other choice.


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