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Killers get the #1

This past Sunday, it was The Killers 3rd album Day & Age that got the #1 spot in the UK album chart, beating the eagerly awaited Chinese Democracy – the album we waited 15 years from Guns N’ Roses for.

I’m not surprised, I’d think Day & Age would outsell almost any record put against it, especially given the amount of leeks the Guns N’ Roses record has had and the amount of promotion The Killers record had compared to the lack of mainstream promotion for Chinese Democracy (I didn’t see any but apparently there was a TV spot which you could see if you watched TV for long enough).

Poor Rhydian, any other week and he’s have had a half chance at the #1 spot – he has to make do with the 3rd spot instead.


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Killers – GREAT new album

I loved Hot Fuss, even though I only found out about it many months after everyone else so my first listen was more of ‘oh I know that one’ than listening to it for the first time.

I didn’t think much to Sam’s Town when I first heard it, the day it came out, and though I have warmed to it since, it’s way below Hot Stuff for me.

On to Day & Age and I absolutely loved it, all the way through, on my very first listen, which was yesterday night in the car, on the way home after a hassley day! I love Human which is what got me excited about the album, as before I had no intention of hurrying to buy Day & Age. The standout track for me is Goodnight, Travel Well which is a haunting and magical track that builds wonderfully and at almost 7 minutes long isn’t over before it’s even started like too many songs these days.

Superb album, now I am motivated to buy their b-sides album; Sawdust.

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