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Marvel Comics on DVD-ROM

If subscribing to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited at $60 a year isn’t your thing then how about owning every Spider-man comic from 1963 to 2006, or every X-Men comic from 1963 to 2005 on DVD-ROM for around $30!

X-Men on your computer

X-Men on your computer

The beauty of these collections (listed on Amazon) is that you have decades of comics at your disposal without needing a whole room to store them in and library system to find anything! The X-Men collection is Over 485 complete printable comics, cover to cover, that’s over 17,500 pages. As someone who is a playing catch-up these kind of collections are money saving gifts from the comic Gods!

Make these kind of collections available to the Kindle (2) and I’d buy one for sure – oh yeah, that’s of course when Amazon deem the UK worthy of having them at all!


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