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Comic Discovery: Marvel’s Ultimatum – The End of The Ultimate Universe

I knew they were rebooting The Marvel Ultimate Universe, but I never realised the comic series covering the end of the existing Universe had been released already – I need to read more comic book websites!

Anyway, I ordered Ultimatum and Ultimatum: Requiem from Amazon last week and have been reading Ultimatum. I get the feeling the story could have scanned more than the 4 comic issues they allowed for it as things seem to be moving very quickly. It also puts the graphic in graphic novel, with some pretty gory scenes of death – take Blob feasting on Wasp (Tastes like chicken), only to be followed by Hank Pym biting Blob’s head off!

Ultimatum - the end of the Ultimate Universe!

I haven’t finished it yet, but I am over half way through and the number of ‘Ultimates’ left to battle, well, I won’t tell you who the Ultimate Adversary is in case you want to read this yourself. The new Ultimate Universe is already in existance under the Ultimate Comics banner, and I’ll be keen to see how that turns out and how different it is to the old Ultimate Universe. If anyone has read any of the new Ultimate Comics titles then let me know what you think, colour me intrigued!


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Ultimates 3 – Thumbs Down

I absolutely loved Ultimates and Ultimates 2, and even though I’d heard bad things I still had faith in Ultimates 3, so much so that I bought the hardcover version of it last week. Well, my faith was destroyed when I got round to reading it yesterday. OK, so maybe destroyed is a bit harsh because the artwork was pretty damn good. The story however, well, it was over-complicated and seemed to pay no attention to wha had gone in the previous instalments. Jeph Loeb took over from Mark Millar as the writer and it shows, big time.

Luckily Mark Millar is back on board for the next stage which is Ultimate Avengers – looking forward to it already!

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