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Comic Discovery: Marvel’s Ultimatum – The End of The Ultimate Universe

I knew they were rebooting The Marvel Ultimate Universe, but I never realised the comic series covering the end of the existing Universe had been released already – I need to read more comic book websites!

Anyway, I ordered Ultimatum and Ultimatum: Requiem from Amazon last week and have been reading Ultimatum. I get the feeling the story could have scanned more than the 4 comic issues they allowed for it as things seem to be moving very quickly. It also puts the graphic in graphic novel, with some pretty gory scenes of death – take Blob feasting on Wasp (Tastes like chicken), only to be followed by Hank Pym biting Blob’s head off!

Ultimatum - the end of the Ultimate Universe!

I haven’t finished it yet, but I am over half way through and the number of ‘Ultimates’ left to battle, well, I won’t tell you who the Ultimate Adversary is in case you want to read this yourself. The new Ultimate Universe is already in existance under the Ultimate Comics banner, and I’ll be keen to see how that turns out and how different it is to the old Ultimate Universe. If anyone has read any of the new Ultimate Comics titles then let me know what you think, colour me intrigued!


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Blog Consolidation with F1 & Comics

I have decided to stop writing 3 different blogs (McLaren Fan Blog, A Little Less Geek and The Beach Boys Discography Project) as I don’t have the time, or to be honest the motivation, to do so. I have decided to have one catch-all blog for me to write about any subject I so desire. I used to do this and have imported the posts from my old Blogger account, hereby known as Wax On, Wax Off Version 1.0.

Now, let’s kick things off with a bit about my favourite sport, Formula 1. As a McLaren this season is pretty demoralising so far, and that wasn’t made any better with today’s Turkish Grand Prix which saw Hamilton finish in 13th (up 3 places from qualification) and Kovalainen (same as qualification). Hamilton didn’t drive too badly and was fuelled very heavily making him very uncompetitive early on. The race was once again won by Jenson Button, though his Brawn GP team mate actually retired after an awful start and bad race – the first retirement of a Brawn GP car all season.

Button leads in the Turkish Grand Prix

Button leads in the Turkish Grand Prix

The McLaren team don’t seem to be getting things right this season and are making little to no improvement, in fact some might say they are actually getting worse! maybe they should take a leaf out of the book of the team formerly known as Honda (now Brawn GP if you didn’t know) and give up on this season and concentrate on development for next year’s car. The next race is the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, a race Hamilton won last year, yet this year it looks like Britain could have another victor in the form of Jenson Button, who at this early stage of the season seems the only safe bet for 2009 World Champion.

Now if we can move on to another obsession of mine, comic books! In this last week I have read volumes 1-7 of the New Avengers series and volumes 1 & 2 of the Mighty Avengers in order to get completely up to date with the Avengers storylines before and past the Civil War story arc which I read in July 2007 and up to the Secret Invasion story arc.

Secret Invasion - who can you trust?

Secret Invasion - who can you trust?

I finished the main Secret Invasion trade paperback this morning and I really enjoyed it, and all the New and Mighty Avengers volumes that I read leading up to it. After being disappointed by The Ultimates 3 I took a break from Marvel, but this was a fantastic return to form. I have a few tie-ins to read and then it’s onto the post Secret Invasion New and Mighty Invasion volumes. Will Iron Man ever regain the trust of Captain America?

On the way are Buffy Season 8 Volume 4, The Boys volume 4 and Marvel 1985 – the latter being one I have wanted to read for some time now and have finally got round to ordering. Though i still have to wait until August, it’s encouraging to see volume 12 of Fables is now available to pre-order. This is possibly, depending when you ask me, my favourite comic book series of all time.

By the way, the URL of this blog is dlrp.wordpress.com – the dlrp stands for Disneyland Resort Paris which is our favourite place in the whole world. We went there on holiday 9 times between 2002 and 2007 but have not been back since our son Lucas was born on may 6th 2008. The plan is to go back again for his 2nd birthday in 2010.


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Ultimates 3 – Thumbs Down

I absolutely loved Ultimates and Ultimates 2, and even though I’d heard bad things I still had faith in Ultimates 3, so much so that I bought the hardcover version of it last week. Well, my faith was destroyed when I got round to reading it yesterday. OK, so maybe destroyed is a bit harsh because the artwork was pretty damn good. The story however, well, it was over-complicated and seemed to pay no attention to wha had gone in the previous instalments. Jeph Loeb took over from Mark Millar as the writer and it shows, big time.

Luckily Mark Millar is back on board for the next stage which is Ultimate Avengers – looking forward to it already!

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Best of 2008

Film – Iron Man*
Album – Chinese Democracy (Guns N’ Roses)
Song – Human (The Killers)
Concert – Bon Jovi @ Twickenham (28th June)
Graphic Novel/Trade Paperback – Fables #10 The Good Prince
Sport – Formula 1
Moment – 6th May 2008, 9.25am – My Son, Lucas was born 🙂

*Still to see: Dark Knight, Wall-E, Indiana Jones 4, Wanted, Quantum of Sollace, Prince Caspian, The Clone Wars and Hellboy II


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Captain America has Director!

Set for release in 2011, ahead of The Avengers film, the First Avenger: Captain America film has a director in the form of Joe Johnston.

As a director Johnston was at the helm for films like Jurassic Park III, Jumanji and The Rocketeer. Away from the director’s chair he has much cooler accolades in the visual affects department for the original Star Wars trilogy and Raiders of the Lost Ark!

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Happy Early Birthday Marvel

As a fairly new reader of Marvel comics I can’t recall much of the past 70 years of Marvel, but 70 years is indeed the landmark that Marvel will be celebrating in 2009. Click through to a larger version of the graphic above and you’ll see a few of the plans Marvel have announced so far.

Most exciting to me is the Marvel Masterworks in paperback format. As awesome as the Masterworks are, and I even have the first Spider-man volume, they are pretty expensive in their native hardback format.

As you would expect, the characters featured in the 70th Anniversary logo are the subject current Marvel film franchises or in the case of Captain America and Thor, upcoming films.

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Superhero eat flesh!

Continuing the previous blog’s discussion of combing two great things…

Marvel Superheroes + Zombies = MUCH FUN!

Previous Marvel Zombie series have been great and is a nice change of pace from the sometimes overly serious Marvel world, with lots of humour and some great interaction between the different zombie characters.

Preview series 3 here.

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