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So, I bought an iPhone 3GS

It’s been 2 week since I took possession of my 16GB iPhone 3GS so I thought I’d document my thoughts so far.

I’ve owned a 1st generation iPod Touch for the last 16 months so I was already familiar with the interface and functionality that the iPhone shares. The whole time I’ve had my iPod Touch I’ve thought how great it would be to have all this on my phone.

The one thing that stopped me getting the previous version was the lack of video recording and MMS, and no, I don’t want to jailbreak my iPhone. With a 14 month old son both these features are deal breakers and as soon as the 3GS was announced with both I knew it would only be a matter of time.

The phone feels gorgeous, and the first thing I noticed was just how fast it responded, the S certainly does stand for speed and is not just hot air marketing. I have 3G turned off too save the battery and this far I have found the roaming Internet speeds to be absolutely fine, of course at home I’m connecting via Wi-Fi.

The camera is far better than I expected, as is the video recording. Sending a photo out via email or MMS is just a click away, as is adding a photo to twitpic thanks to a great free app. I’m a Twitter addict (twitter.com/TweetingSteve) so being able to twitpic is important functionality for my phone, something the Nokia 5800 could do, but a lot more clunkily than the iPhone. Below is a photo I took last Saturday with my iPhone and sent to twitpic – the photo doesn’t do the size of the moth justice, it was 2 inches long, a beast!

King of Moths

King of Moths

The actual phone call quality, yes I do use it to call people too, is crystal clear – this is another area it beats my old 5800 in. SMS /texting is a treat, and something I’ve heard a few other people complain about – why?

Funny story time – last Thursday I was listening to a podcast in a traffic jam in my car and I picked up the iPhone, covering the left speaker. In doing so the sound all but disappeared, which I found strange as I thought it had a second speaker on the right. Thinking the right speaker wasn’t working I was all set to take it back. Thankfully I decided to Google the problem first, only to find out the ‘speaker’ on the right is actually the microphone – doh!

Anyway, at the time I thought I was going to be away from iPhone for a week or two while it get sent off to be repaired – that was a chilling thought and though I’d only had the phone for 7 days I couldn’t bare the thought of being without it!

The only thing I have to sort out now is a case. Most of the cases I seeing being talked about the moment; Incipio Feather and Griffin Reveal, seem to be great for scratch resistance but not if the iPhone is dropped. With a 14 month old running around I need that total protection solution – recommendations gratefully received.

In conclusion, the iPhone 3GS is everything I wanted and so much more. At this point I can’t see myself ever owning another phone again, just upgraded models of iPhone!


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Make my Nokia 5800 into an iPhone!

Thanks to a superb blog over at Nokia5800.net I have been introduced to a magnificent looking application for Symbian OS phones, and most recently the Nokia 5800, which turns the interface into that of an iPhone!

It's an i5800Phone!

It's an i5800Phone!

I have an iPod Touch and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I love the interface, and that as much as I love my Nokia 5800, the interface isn’t as nice as that of the iTouch / iPhone. Thanks to the wonderful people at MyPhone I can now turn my Nokia 5800 into an iPhone BUT have a decent camera, be able to send MMS and record video footage – all for the bargain price of $12.99 (£9.41).

It’s very gimmicky, but that’s kind of thing a geek thrives on and needless to say I will be purchasing this very soon and will report back on how well it works on what will become my Nokia i5800Phone!


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Marvel Motion Comics coming to iTunes

As a big comic book fan and an iPod Touch owner I’m ashamed to have missed this news story which seems to have come about over 2 weeks ago and I caught at TG Daily. As the title would suggest, there are plans for Marvel to release motion comic books via iTunes.

X-Men to iPhone

X-Men to iPhone

The motion comic concept is not a new one as Watchmen motion comics were released on iTunes and Amazon to help build for the film. As a big Watchmen fan I was intrigued, but then soon put off at the prospect of having to pay £1.89 an episode, or £20.99 for the whole book, of something I already own and only cost about half that in the first place.

iVerse Comics have gone down the more traditional route and released an application that allows you to view normal comics on the iPhone or iPod Touch. It actually works quite well and with titles either for Free or priced at 59p the cost is more favourable to the Watchmen motion comic. The big barrier here is the range of titles which is far from impressive. Without the likes of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Vertigo to name but a few, the range appears very lacking in name value.

The Marvel motion comics will debut with two titles; Spider-Woman and Astonishing X-Men, with the former being exclusive to the new format until the printed version appears at a later date. I’m very intrigued, and if the price is right I could be very tempted, though I can’t help thinking that making the standard comics available in the same way that iVerse Comics have done maybe a better route to go down. It’s possible that the motion comic concept could be a step too far and the digital delivery to iPhone/Touch of the current series’ is what Marvel really should be concentrating on, like what they already do online with Marvel Digital Comics. Either way, it’s good to see marvel thinking about the ever increasing iPhone/Touch audience.

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New Phone: Nokia 5800

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic to give it it’s full and proper name! I picked it up today after ordering it yesterday, on a whim really! I have had a Sony Ericsson K850i for the last year, which despite almost universally bad reports, has served me pretty well. That is until recently when it has decided to turn itself at random, usually when I making a call or writing a text! Having already been to the repair shop once I decided now was the time to admit it has had it’s day and move on.

As an iPod Touch user I have been tempted by the iPhone but the lack of video recording and MMS is a big letdown – I have an 8 month old son those features are pretty essential to me. What I do like is the touch screen functionality so have been looking at the Samsung Pixon and Omnia, as well as the LG Renoir – all had their good and bad points but none stood out as a must have and all were on fairly pricey contracts, something I wanted to avoid as I currently use only a small portion of my call allowance.

A quick scan of Avforums drew my attention to the Nokia 5800 and the Carphone Warehouse offer of £15 a month for 100 minutes and unlimited texts. I never thought the day would come when I would be more of a texter than a caller, but it has so this deal seemed perfect for my needs. Add £7.50 for the unlimited web bolt-on and he whole package would be £12.50 less than my current contract and a swanky new phone as well – sold!

It has Wi-Fi, a 3.2″ widescreen display, full touchscreen functionality, 8Gb memory card included and all the other bells and whistles I was looking for. I’ve not used a great deal yet but so far I am very impressed. The touchscreen is very responsive and texting is very easy which is usually the biggest test for a touchscreen phone. Next will be connecting it to my laptop and adding a bunch of songs and pictures, and configuring the phone to pick up my wireless network.

So far so good for Nokia’s first foray into touchscreen phones, which for the market leader in mobile phones, some may say they are playing catch-up?

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