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First Outdoor Shots with Fujifilm Finepix F72EXR – in the Snow!

As I write this blog it has started to snow again, a weather condition that forced me work from home today. The one advantage of that is I was able to take 10 minutes to have a play with my new Fujifilm Finepix F72EXR (the same as the Fujifilm FinePix F70EXR) in natural light for the first time. I haven’t read up on how to actually use the camera properly or set any of the manual settings – this was a brief photographic endeavour to say the least! You can see all six, yes six – told you it was brief, of the photos on my flickr photostream, and here a few to whet the appetite.

One of our solar lights, capped with a nice thick layer of fluffy snow.

Snowy Light

Some snow coated twigs in the garden.

Snowy Twig

I gave this the black and white effect – works well I think.

Snow Covered Trees

I’m pretty pleased with the results – for such a small and reasonably priced camera I think the photos have come out pretty well. More to come in the future as and when I get the chance, and the results are good enough!



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