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A weekend of macro

The weather was beautiful this past weekend, perfect for taking photos – unfortunately I had a lot planned which didn’t leave much time for snapping, but I did my best! This first shot of a ladybird was taken as I was taking my son for a walk – he was feeling lazy and letting me push him round in his buggy, which allowed my eyes to wander around looking for the possibility of a photo, and that’s when I saw this guy/gal sitting ion a leaf:


The only problem with this photo, in my humble opinion, is that it’s more orange than I think the ladybird actually was but the sun was shining so brightly that some of the red was lost. No doubt I could make it more red in Photoshop, but time hasn’t been on my side. This next example was taken in the shade outside of Hitchin library and is much more like the natural red of a ladybird:

Ladybird #2

Great detail in both photos, as my Panasonic TZ7 continues to impress. The next two were taken in the back garden and are macro-tastic, look at the detail on that thorn!


Spider - those eyes!

On the Sunday we visited some friends, in fact he writes a rather fabulous food blog: grubblog. After the rain had gone and the sun came out it was perfect weather for taking photos. I became almost obsessed with taking photos of a bug I found in one of the trees in the back garden. while there are lots more shots on my Flickr photostream, here are a few shots – amazing detail and what a prehistoric looking specimen! My wife christened them leaf eaters, if anyone knows their real name then please leave a comment and educate me.

Tree Bug

Tree Bug

Tree Bug, not in a tree!

Tree Bug side on


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Photography: Sony A200 & Panasonic TZ1 Photo Comparison

This past Sunday we took our little boy to the park so I decided to use the opportunity to take a few photos as well. One thing I am beginning to realise is that my standard seems to have risen since I started using my Sony A200, and by that I mean that expect more from a photo and am finding that fewer of the photos I take are meeting my expectations. That aside, on spying a ladybird sitting on a leaf I decided to take a photo with both my Sony A200 and my Panasonic DMC-TZ1 – DSLR v Compact: Macro Battle!

The TZ1 has a 10x zoom with an effective focal length range of 35-350mm, while the A200 was used with the kit lens with an effective focal length range of 18-70mm. The better wide angle setting wasn’t going to help the A200 but was the lack of zoom and macro capability going to hold it back? Let’s look at the evidence, and note that the photos have not had any post production aside from cropping and resizing.

Panasonic TZ1 - f/6.3 - 1/1600 - ISO-800

Panasonic TZ1 - f/6.3 - 1/1600 - ISO-800

Sony A200 - f/5.6 - 1/250 - ISO-100

Sony A200 - f/5.6 - 1/250 - ISO-100

Interesting when looking at he exif information that the TZ1 chose an ISO of 800 compared to the A200 which chose ISO-100. I’d hazard a guess this is due to the superior quality of the A200’s sensor which has picked up more light than that of the TZ1. This could also be why the colours in the photo taken by the A200 are more natural looking.

There is more detail on the leaf of the TZ1 photo but that is because I purposely selected the ladybird as the focus area when using the A200 and increased the aperture setting to get a shallower depth of field.

I’m very encouraged by the photo taken with my Sony A200 and can only begin to imagine what results i will be able to achieve with a dedicated macro lens or a zoom lens with macro capability. Macro photography is an area I am particularly interested in so such a lens is on my wish list – you listening Santa?

I’ll leave you with two more photos taken on the way to the park.

Now that is a blue sky!

Now that is a blue sky!

Dew on the flower petals.

Dew on the flower petals.


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