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Best of 2008

Film – Iron Man*
Album – Chinese Democracy (Guns N’ Roses)
Song – Human (The Killers)
Concert – Bon Jovi @ Twickenham (28th June)
Graphic Novel/Trade Paperback – Fables #10 The Good Prince
Sport – Formula 1
Moment – 6th May 2008, 9.25am – My Son, Lucas was born 🙂

*Still to see: Dark Knight, Wall-E, Indiana Jones 4, Wanted, Quantum of Sollace, Prince Caspian, The Clone Wars and Hellboy II



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GRΣΣK – see you in’09

GRΣΣK: It’s funny, fluffy TV that you can switch your brain off for and relax. In its second season it seemed to stop broadcasting after episode 10, the reason for which soon became clear; Episodes 11 onwards will be airing in Spring 2009!

There is no writer’s strike this year so this decision is slightly puzzling, and more than a little irritating, for those of us with short supplies of patience!

What will become of Casey; her dreams to get into politics and her new boyfriend? How will life change for Rusty now he’d survived Hell Week and is a fully fledged member of Kappa Tau Gamma? Will Frannie’s new sorority rip Zeta Beta Zeta apart, and which way will Rebecca turn? And what of Cappie, and his complicated little world?

All will be revealed in 6 months!?!

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