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Best Cover Ever!

SFX + Watchmen = Greatness!

Issue 177 – linkage


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Karate Kid Smith Confirmed

In a follow up from the very first entry of this blog, Jaden Smith (son of megastar Will) has been confirmed as the lead in a remake of the 80s classic Karate Kid. Will Smith will take on the role of producer.

When I read the news that it had all been confirmed a little bit inside of me died. The only glimour of hope I have is that the renewed attention on the original means it will have more chance of being released on Blu-ray, but after waiting so long for a DVD release I don’t hold out much hope.

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Captain America has Director!

Set for release in 2011, ahead of The Avengers film, the First Avenger: Captain America film has a director in the form of Joe Johnston.

As a director Johnston was at the helm for films like Jurassic Park III, Jumanji and The Rocketeer. Away from the director’s chair he has much cooler accolades in the visual affects department for the original Star Wars trilogy and Raiders of the Lost Ark!

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Pirate Brand – arhhh!

Rumours are abound that recently disgraced (by way of a Daily Mail bandwagon) Russell Brand will star in the next Pirates of the Caribbean as Captain Jack Sparrow’s brother.

He has the look, as the above photo of him dressed as Captain Jack shows, and his general demeanour is pretty much there already. Does he have the acting skills? I’ve not seen St. Trinians or Forgetting Sarah Marshall to pass comment on that, but I have high hopes…on the high seas?

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Pirates Online – 1 Year!

MMOG = Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Pirates Online is a Pirates of the Caribbean MMOG, apparently! I recall hearing about this when it was in development, but then our son came along and I thought nothing more of it. It’s been going for a year a now and some fun stats about the game are thus:

– Ships Sunk: 121,602,136

– Hands of Blackjack Played: 19,815,360

– Number of Ship Repairs Completed: 33,829,645

– Tattoos Purchased: 288,547

It’s free to play and can be downloaded here – maybe when things calm down a bit I too can fulfil those pirate dreams, virtually.

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Disney does Blu-ray right!

Do I want the 50th Anniversary Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray?
Of course, high def all the way!

Do I want the 50th Anniversary Sleeping Beauty DVD?
Sure do, I don’t have Blu-ray in every room!

Do I want to pay for both?

In their infinite wisdom Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment have released Sleeping Beauty on Blu-ray with a special bonus 3rd disc, the DVD! We just need more studios to follow suit, if Paramount Home Entertainment had done that with Iron Man I’d have been over the moon!

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Captain Zac!

Following on from Zac Efron’s announcement that High School Musical 3 would be his last in the franchise, he has signed up to star in the 4th installment of the continuing Pirates of the Caribbean saga.

Keen to keep arguably the most popular star among teens in the world on their books, Disney have shifted from one popular franchise to another. With Efron starring alongside Johnny Depp in the upcoming pirate tale, is there a female alive that won’t want to see this film?

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