My Panasonic TZ7 Has Arrived!

A little history…

I bought a Panasonic TZ7 last August, but then I thought I wanted to get more into photography and sold it in favour of a Sony A200 DSLR. I hardly used the A200 so sold that and was on the verge of buying a TZ7 again but instead went for the much cheaper Fujifilm F72EXR. I once again had yearnings to get into the world of DSLR photography so sold the F72EXR and bought another Sony A200. I was happy with the A200 for a few days but then thought of our upcoming trip to North Devon and a visit to the zoo. With a 2 year old boy in tow was I really going to have time time to use a DSLR, and without extra lenses was I going to get as close as I wanted to? The answe was no, and so the A200, the second one, was sold. It was then a decision between the Sony DSCHX5VB and the Panasonic TZ7 – the TZ7 won on better zoom and reported better image quality, plus the HX5 has no dedicated macro mode. The £100 cheaper price tag also helped. So there you have it – the story of how I have ended up with my second TZ7, some 8 months after having my first one. The Panasonic TZ10 maybe the upgrade to the TZ7 but I’m not bothered about GPS wizardry  – I don’t go anywhere places varied and exotic enough to warrant a £100+ price augmentation.

At this very moment the battery is charging, which is for the best as I’m at work and have more than enough to get on with. Hopefully I can get out this weekend and give it a good road test, something I never did with the first TZ7, such was my eagerness to sell it and buy a Sony A200. Being Spring there are plenty of flowers in the garden which will be handy to test the macro mode, and I’m hoping for some visitors from the insect world to pose as subjects for my fickle minded photography hobby.

I’ll leave you with a fascinating photo of the newly arrived box and the camera from inside – both taken on my long time superseded Panasonic TZ1. I’d love to hear from other Panasonic TZ7 owners – point in the direction of some photos you’ve taken and lavish me with expert tips.

Panasonic TZ7 In The Box

Panasonic TZ7 Out Of The Box



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4 responses to “My Panasonic TZ7 Has Arrived!

  1. jke

    Yes, can relate to your story. Came here via Twitter while searching for reviews on the TZ7. I am currently using a TZ4 and would like to upgrade it because of the better macro mode on the TZ7.

    I think the whole range of TZ (or ZS) Panasonic cameras is just perfect for most users.

    • I’ve been thrilled with the results my TZ7 has given me so far, even more than i anticipated. The sharpness of the images on macro, when my hand isn’t shaking too much, is superb. I was especially pleased with the a few of the hoverfly photos I took today. I’d recommend it wholeheartedly, from my experience of a 1 week that is 😀

  2. Gary

    This camera looks familiar 😉 Hope you enjoy it.

    • This one didn’t get bounced across my desk!

      Been enjoying it so far – still want a DSLR at some point, but years down the line when I’ve got more time to dedicate to it.

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