Steve Vai Blu-ray – is it worth it?

I’ve always been a big Steve Vai fan, in my eyes (should that be ears?) he’s the greatest guitarist in the world. Seeing him live on stage with Whitesnake at Donnington Monsters of Rock in 1990 was one of the musical highlights of my life. Vai’s latest album, Where the Wild Things Are is also available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Vai on Blu-ray

Vai on Blu-ray

I’m now left with the decision of what format, or formats, I should buy? My immediate instinct is to go with the CD and nothing else, but as I have a Blu-ray player (PS3) and a full surround audio set-up at home, am I missing out on a fantastic audio/visual experience by ignoring the Blu-ray? What most people probably either don’t know, or forget, is that Blu-ray not only offers a better quality high picture but also a far better sound. For a budding (wanabee?) guitarist and Steve Vai fan I’d no doubt enjoy watching the master at work, but with my son only being 18 months old, am I ever going to get an opportunity to get the most out of this Blu-ray – the volume would surely have to be set at 11?

Has anyone out in there experienced a concert on Blu-ray, was it worth it?



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2 responses to “Steve Vai Blu-ray – is it worth it?

  1. jipihorn

    If you have a good quality system (video+audio), blu-ray is a so large step forward in term of quality of the result that you can not even imagine to use something else.
    Unfortunatly, the number of real HD concerts is low ; some blu-ray are only DVD in a new support (for example David Gilmour).
    Currently, the good discs I bought are Pat Metheny (brilliant !), Return to forefer, Yellow Jackets, Mike Stern, Jeff Beck and the blue man group. I just ordered the Vai blu-ray, I hope the camera are true HD ones.
    Seriously, the results are more impressive from DVD to blu ray, comparing to VHS to DVD… The constraints are : a good screen and a good audio system.
    Jipi (France, sorry for english mistakes !).

    • Thank for the reply, and apologies for taking so long to reply.

      Now that Bon Jovi have released a Blu-ray of a Madison Square Garden concert I’m even more keen to try it out, and your thumbs up has helped top the balance in favour of doing just that – thanks!

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