My Sony A200 DSLR Camera has arrived!

Exactly one week after the deal to get my hands on a Sony A200! The camera arrived at 9.30am this morning but unfortunately that was an hour after I’d left for work, so I had to wait until getting home until I could open up and take a look, and of course have a play.

My Sony A200

My Sony A200

My first impressions are how much bigger it is than the compact cameras I am used to, but also what great condition it is in, which is a relief. The whole DSLR concept became very clear when I unpacked the lens separately, from its own box. After fitting the lens to the body I decided to take a few shots. I won’t get a chance to have a proper play outside until the weekend but I had to take a few shots – it’d be rude not to.

Looking through the viewfinder is strange enough in itself, and something I haven’t done since I used to use my old Canon APS camera 6 years ago. There were a few numbers and indicators around the edge of my view, which itself had some lines and lights on. If you hadn’t already guessed I am a complete novice when it comes to DSLR cameras so I think I will be following up on the recommendation to get the following book: Sony DSLR a200 [With Quick Reference Wallet Card] (Magic Lantern Guides). I need to familiarise myself with the camera and what it can do.

Here is the first ever photo I took with my A200, and while it in know way shows off the capabilities of the camera, I wanted to post it anyway.

First A200 Photo

First A200 Photo

If you really want you can see photo bigger on my Flickr. Though I haven’t even scratched the surface, to finally have the camera is great and the world of photography, and all the learning and discovery ahead of me is very exciting.


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