gdgt gadget list widget

[clearspring_widget title=”gdgt gadget list widget” wid=”4a521960df76c782″ pid=”4aa16b9050d8b34a” width=”300″ height=”250″ domain=””]



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2 responses to “gdgt gadget list widget

  1. Hah, awesome! It looks good and we love it when people share their gadget widgets.

    Keep filling out those gadgets! 😉


    Dave Schumaker
    gdgt community manager
    twitter: @daveschumaker

    Questions, comments, or suggestions?

    • Thanks Dave – I’m a few weeks behind on TWiT podcasts and just caught Peter’s appearance from a month ago and that’s where I heard about gdgt – looking good so far, very easy and clean to use. I intend to get stuck in once I get some time, and I’ll be blogging about it too 😀


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