Disney Pixar to Sell World’s Most Expensive Desk Lamp with UP Blu-ray

This year’s Disney Pixar film is called UP, and though it hasn’t been released here in the UK yet, it has received rave reviews in America where it came out in May. We will have to wait until October to see UP, as seems to be the trend in recent years for Disney Pixar films in the UK.

Back on point, Amazon.com have an exclusive version of the UP Blu-ray which comes packaged with a collectible Luxo Jr. desk lamp. You remember Luxo Jnr., he’s the little lamp fellow from the Pixar credit at the start of each of their films. This package will cost you a mighty $139.99, which considering the normal Blu-ray version costs just $31.99, it means that the Luxo Jr. lamp is costing you $108! Look closely and you’ll see that the lamp has no branding and looks like a standard lamp you could buy for a tenth of the price in any household shop!

The Price is Light!

The Price is Light!


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