A Comic Update – Powers and Batman

After being recommended the Powers comic book series by someone on the SFX Forum I finally tracked down an in stock copy of volume 1 of The Definitive Hardback Collection at The Book Depository and it was despatched 2 days ago.

I (will) have the Powers!

I (will) have the Powers!

The author, Brian Michael Bendis, has been talking on his Twitter about the new Powers series he’s writing so it gave me a renewed motivation to find the original Powers series and read that before embarking on the new series.

I haven’t been so excited to read a new comic book in ages – as the author of many of my favourites like New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Civil War, Secret Invasion and House of M to name but a few, I have high expectations. The fact that it comes in a mighty 400+ page hardback special edition publication is just the icing on the cake – me like pretty books!

While I am waiting for Powers to arrive I have started a comic book which has been in my possession for 4 years: Batman: Dark Knight Returns.


I got this along with a few other Batman books on the recommendation of IGN after reading their 25 Greatest Batman Graphic Novels article. I ordered the top 5 and until now had only read 4 of them. I thoroughly enjoyed Batman: Long Halloween and Batman: Year One but I really didn’t like Batman: Arkham Asylum or Batman: The Killing Joke. I may revisit The Killing Joke one of these days, but at the time I found it overly gratuitous – maybe it was the wrong story to start with as my very first Batman comic book. I think Arkham Asylum is lost on me forever – the artwork aside, which was varied and fascinating, the story seemed to be all over the place and just too damn weird!


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