Best comic book cover ever? – Part 2!

So a couple of weeks I posted a blog (linkage) citing Fables Vol. 13: The Great Fables Crossover as ‘the best comic book cover ever’. Well, that was until I finally (that’s another story for another time!) received The Boys: We Gotta Go Now v. 4The Boys Vol 4: We Gotta Go Now – check out this example of comic book artwork awesomeness:

When I ordered it from Amazon I thought I would be getting a UK version with a different cover, as seen below:

Thankfully the final version was not what Amazon showed me!

Now onto the paper thickness of this comic book, or should I say thinness? The paper is glossy but so incredibly thin – this trade paperback is made up of 8 issues but is the same thickness of the average 4/5 issue Marvel title. It doesn’t make any difference to my enjoyment, just thought it deserved a mention.

The Boys series continues to be great – I’ve not read all of vol 4 yet but it’s like welcoming an old friend back, as long to see what (mis)adventures Hughie will find himself doing this time.


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