iPhone GPS helped us battle aganst Swine Flu!

I got home from work last night to find that our 14 month old boy, who just a few hours ago had seemed to be on the mend, had had a relapse and was exhibiting a few flu-like symptoms. My wife called the NHS helpline who put her through to the brand new pandemic helpline, who after asking her a series of questions came to the conclusion that our little boy could have swine flu. We were given a uniquie code and told to go to West Campus at a specified postcode…in Welwyn, 20 miles away and back down the dual carriageway I had just driven home on!

I walked in the door, picked up the necessary pieces of ID and set off. The route I took was determined by my Satelite Navigation unit which I bought a few years ago and only accepts the first 4 digits of a postcode. As I didn’t have a road to aim for I had to choose the ‘centre of area’ option.

After 25 minutes I arrived at the centre of said area, only to find myself in a residential estate. There was nobody around and just as I was about to go knocking on doors I remembered my new phone – the iPhone 3GS! It was time to put Google Maps to more use than just looking around Disneyland Paris!

I chose the directions option, tapped in the postcode and within seconds was shown an aerial shot of where I was and the route I needed to take to get to West Campus, a mile away from where I was currently parked. What impressed me most was the ‘currnet location’ indicator moving along the route with no lag at all, and this is with 3G turned off. Within minutes I had reached West Campus and got the anti-virul drugs I had come for – thank you iPhone, you will now replace my well out of date SatNav as my means of finding new places and have more than justified your purchase.



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2 responses to “iPhone GPS helped us battle aganst Swine Flu!

  1. Superb Steve…glad you found another reason to justify your purchase 🙂 Hope little man is well and truly on the mend, I know how you must have felt as my little 4 month old had it recently!

    • It paid for itself in that one night!

      It ended up being a false alarm but it was worrying that night.

      Just noticed you have registered a blog – looking forward to reading it and I’ll add it to the Blogroll here when you get started.

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