Phantom Manor Inspiration for Willian Fair?

On the way home from work I drive through a small village called Willian in North Hertfordshire and in the past week I have noticed bunting put up and some scarecrow type characters appearing in gardens and in front of houses. I little bit of digging told me that this is all to do with the upcoming Willian Fair, which takes place this weekend; 11th and 12th July.

One of these characters in particular caught my eye and after a few days of trying I was able to stop my car and take a picture with my iPhone 3GS – here is what I saw:

Straw Bride

Straw Bride

I immediately thought of Melanie Ravenswood, the bride who is the main character of the Phantom Manor attraction at Disneyland Paris. Below is a picture I took of Melanie which can be seen as you exit Phantom Manor. The blue face is as such because when you are there a hologram is projected onto the face which isn’t picked up by the camera.

Melanie Ravenswood

Melanie Ravenswood

A tenuous link? Maybe, but anything that reminds me of Disneyland Paris is a good thing – just under 10 months until we go back.


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