Skype for iPhone & Sim Free iPhone!

Let’s tackle the first one – it has been announced that Skype will indeed be available for the iPhone, and as a free application at that!



Though it has been possible to Skype on an iPhone via 3rd party tools, it’s quite a revelation that it will officially be available on the iPhone now. Along with the recent software upgrade announcement (iPhone OS 3.0), it seems like iPhone is finally acknowledging that they may have serious competition in the market.

For some such as myself who’s Mother lives in Spain, being able to Skype without using a laptop is fantastic news. The only setback is me having a 1st generation iPod Touch so I’ll have to use earphones, but still, that’s quite a revelation.

For those people with iPhones and 2nd generation iPod Touch devices it opens up a whole new world of cost free telecommunications, especially considering Play have just started selling the iPhone SIM FREE! This has been confirmed by Apple and is not just wishful thiking on Play’s part!

iPhone 'bargain'

iPhone 'bargain'

That’s right, for the bargain price of £599.99 you can go to and get yourself a sim free iPhone. Add that to official Skype functionality and you have quite the non-O2 proposition. Of course you need a Wi-Fi connection because one of the benefits of having an iPhone on O2 is the unlimited use of Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile internet. You could always make all your calls in McDonalds!

Those with mobile contracts from other networks that do include mobile internet could find this a very tempting offer and there is always the cheaper option of the 8GB model for just £549.99!

Of course the appearance of this version of the iPhone sim free on Play just adds fuel to the rumours that there will be a new iPhone by summer.


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