Twitter – Number 1 for News

Follow the right people and Twitter can be the best place for news on the internet, and indeed anywhere. As an avid fan of Formula 1 I was interested to see the results of the practice sessions for the Australian Grand Prix yesterday but was not in a position to watch or listen to then, enter Twitter.

F1 news on Twitter

F1 news on Twitter

Thanks to my following of @f1_fans, @sidepodcast, @F1Weekly and @f1fanatic_co_uk I was able to keep up to date with everything that happened in all three practice sessions throughout the day.

I was also provided with links to articles and photos should I want to peruse any tweet in further detail, which indeed I did on a few occasions. The real time, multiple reporting way that Twitter works makes it second to none as a news source, especially when the reporters are all hand chosen by us.



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2 responses to “Twitter – Number 1 for News

  1. i tried following the hashtag #f1. man, that was a just barrage of people moaning about how the cars had woken them up 😦

    can i also recommend you follow @Jamesallenonf1, good insight throughout qualifying especially.

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