Formula 1 will be decided on wins not points!

It’s a rule changed that was talked about a little while ago that had fans in uproar, and it became a reality today as the FIA announced that the 2009 Formula 1 World Championship will be decided by the number of wins and not the most points.

Wins over points

Wins over points

My initial reaction, was that of anger and despair! To think that the Championship could go to someone who does really well in 5 races but badly in the 12 other, to the point that they wouldn’t even need to finish those other races! Points will only come into the equation if there is a tie with the most number of wins.

The way this new points system works would have seen Felipe Massa crowned as Champion last year instead of Lewis Hamilton because Massa won 6 races to Lewis’s 5. Even as a huge Hamilton fan I have to admit that isn’t such a bad scenario as the first few races aside, it’s arguable that Massa was consistently the best driver of the 2008 season.

With an incredibly open field for 2009 there is scope for the 2009 season to be won by any number of drivers and I fully expect race wins to be shared amongst many drivers which will more than likely see a 2, 3 or maybe even A 4-way tie at the top which means that the Championship will actually be determined on points after all. We could be in for some very competitive races as drivers drive for the chequered flag.

The more I think about the new system, the more I think it may actually work. Only time will tell and come the last race in Abu Dhabi (wow, that sounds weird – I almost wrote Sao Paulo) we’ll all be in a much better position to see if the race win system works.



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2 responses to “Formula 1 will be decided on wins not points!

  1. manatcna

    I can’t agree. It’s the worst rule in the world.

    Oh, by the way, It’s Massa

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