Navigate Mars via Google Mars

As if Google Earth wasn’t impressive enough, now you can take a trip round Mars courtesy of Google Mars! If you don’t have the Google Earth application downloaded to your computer you can still get a pretty great bird’s eye view of The Red Planet.

The Red Planet

The Red Planet

However, if you do have the Google Earth application, this is where the fun starts as you get a proper 3D look at a planet which is many millions of miles away from where we are currently situated, tapping away on our keyboards!

Just, wow!

Just, wow!

There are points of interest which you can reach with the click of the mouse, such as geographical marvels and space landings. I’ve only just begun to explore this amazing new treat from Google but I can imagine many an hour will be spent looking for aliens exploring Mars.



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2 responses to “Navigate Mars via Google Mars

  1. How fun is THAT? I need to start spending more time with my Google Earth – already love it, but now with space it’s even better!

    Anne (aka Short Order Mom)

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