The whole of Wikipedia, on your phone, for £10!

You read that title correctly, WikiPock are offering a download of the whole of Wikipedia for your mobile phone for just £9.99! What’s more, you can hook up to their website and get updates whenever they become available.

Anything about everything, in my pocket!

Anything about everything, in my pocket!

As long as you don’t need information which is correct to that moment in time, which most Wiki users don’t, then this could be perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to use their data connection for whatever reason. It’d be fantastic when travelling abroad where connecting to the internet on your phone could cost you a small fortune.

At the moment it is available for Windows Mobile and Blackberry, with iPhone and Android versions coming soon. As a Nokia 5800 owner, the lack of Symbian version is a bit disappointing. Maybe that will materialise when the Nokia Ovi Store launches in May.

While Wikipedia is free for people to distribute, is just a little bit immoral to charge for a service like this, even if 10% does go to the WikiMedia Foundation?


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