BBC website revamps F1 section ahead of 2009 season

As many will know, here in the UK BBC have taken back the license to show Formula 1 after 12 years of advert filled coverage from ITV. With little over 3 weeks until the start of the F1 season in Australia, BBC have given the F1 section on their website a much needed make-over: F1 on

Already better than

Already better than

While it’s a vast improvement, it isn’t as pleasing on the eyes as the ITV F1 website and on the surface it doesn’t seem to have as much content. One thing that worries is me is the silly questions they have asked in the Racer Profile sections – let’s leave questions like ‘Boxers or Briefs?’ and ‘Keira or Angelina?’ to Radio 1 where they are more suited and get on with F1 coverage.

I’m hoping that as the season starts and progresses, that the BBC team will get into their stride and the website will become a serious hub for F1 news and information.

Leaving BBC and ITV aside, I encourage all F1 fans to head over to F1 Fanatic for a great source of F1 news. Wish them a happy birthday too – they’ve been online for 4 years now!

Also worth plugging is the SidePodcast which is the #1 F1 podcast around, at least on my radar – recommendations welcome. While you are there you could do worse than to sign up for the Fantasy Racer and see if you can beat Less Geek Racing!


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