Orange & O2 may refuse Nokia N97 with Skype

CNET are reporting that mobile operators O2 and Orange may not stock the Nokia N97 which has Skype pre-loaded on the phone. They are worried that the ability to Skype will be at a detriment to the number of voice calls being used, and paid for.

With extra Skype but fewer operators

With extra Skype but fewer operators

I think they need to look at the target audience for the Nokia N97 and realise that if these people want to use Skype on their phone they are going to have it on their phone whether it comes pre-loaded or whether they have to get it themselves. There is also the fact that the N97 won’t be sold on a cheap contract anyway, so they will make their money as soon as the customer signs on the dotted line.

If is true it’s not a good precedent, they need to embracing these technologies and ingratiating themselves with the potential customer base. Skype is just the first of many applications that may threaten the traditional mobile phone model – mobile phone companies are going to have to strategise to include these or risk outdating themselves compared to companies that do see what the customer wants. It may not be an easy ride, but it’s there really is no other choice.



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5 responses to “Orange & O2 may refuse Nokia N97 with Skype

  1. Olu

    I am an O2 customer and due for an upgrade this month.I am very keen about getting the Nokia N97 as soon as it’s available.This development about skype on the Nokia N97 is good for technology and the market.O2 and Orange networks should stop moaning or fuming over it and realise that the world around them is changing and they should move on and adapt to the evolving technology and take a queue from 3network.At the end of the day,it’s a buyer’s market.If O2 does not take the Nokia N97,I will leave them and take the phone elsewhere and that would be their own loss when you consider how many of those in my own situation are likely to follow suit.They shouldn’t forget that this product we are talking about is a super product.I mean the Nokia N97.That’s all I have to say.

  2. Steve

    I think O2 may be relenting – I’ll eat my hat if they don’t end up stocking the Nokia N97 – see here: latest blog.

  3. what time will be in store in middle east soon ?

  4. me gustaria q me regalen un nokia de esos un n97 es q soy muy pobre y no tengo dimero para compar uno de esos

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