Marvel Motion Comics coming to iTunes

As a big comic book fan and an iPod Touch owner I’m ashamed to have missed this news story which seems to have come about over 2 weeks ago and I caught at TG Daily. As the title would suggest, there are plans for Marvel to release motion comic books via iTunes.

X-Men to iPhone

X-Men to iPhone

The motion comic concept is not a new one as Watchmen motion comics were released on iTunes and Amazon to help build for the film. As a big Watchmen fan I was intrigued, but then soon put off at the prospect of having to pay £1.89 an episode, or £20.99 for the whole book, of something I already own and only cost about half that in the first place.

iVerse Comics have gone down the more traditional route and released an application that allows you to view normal comics on the iPhone or iPod Touch. It actually works quite well and with titles either for Free or priced at 59p the cost is more favourable to the Watchmen motion comic. The big barrier here is the range of titles which is far from impressive. Without the likes of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Vertigo to name but a few, the range appears very lacking in name value.

The Marvel motion comics will debut with two titles; Spider-Woman and Astonishing X-Men, with the former being exclusive to the new format until the printed version appears at a later date. I’m very intrigued, and if the price is right I could be very tempted, though I can’t help thinking that making the standard comics available in the same way that iVerse Comics have done maybe a better route to go down. It’s possible that the motion comic concept could be a step too far and the digital delivery to iPhone/Touch of the current series’ is what Marvel really should be concentrating on, like what they already do online with Marvel Digital Comics. Either way, it’s good to see marvel thinking about the ever increasing iPhone/Touch audience.


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