Mobile Firefox – does it really rock?

Over at Mobile Choice they are talking about our old friend, the upcoming Mobile Firefox (Fennec) browser, and how great it will be. No, really!

Little fox, will we ever see you?

Little fox, will we ever see you?

Let’s look at the 2 main features that were already known about:

Add-Ons – I know mobile phone screens are getting bigger, but I’m sure they’re not big enough to have in-browser add-ons. Why would I , for example, use TwitterFox when I can use a specific Twitter application made for mobile phones. I also wouldn’t use Gmail Manager as I have downloaded the official Mobile Gmail application. That’s the problem – mobile applications already exist for Firefox add-ons, so that selling point is lost, on me anyway.

Tabbed Browsing – on my current phone (Nokia 5800) I can click between windows with just 2 clicks, so tabbed browsing will be done in 1, I guess. This is not a deal breaker for me, and if it takes up screen space then that’s a step back.

The big thing causing excitement is the announcement of synced tabs from computer to phone. I think I may be letting the whole Firefox Mobile bandwagon pass me by, but once again, I have to say that is a feature I really don’t see being of much benefit. With this you can get the same pages to open on your mobile as you last had on your PC/laptop. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a situation where I’ve needed that!

At the risk of sounding highly pessimistic, I don’t see that Firefox Mobile has anything to offer that will make people move away from default browsers or from the very highly successful Opera Mini. If you think or know otherwise, please fill me in, I’m all ears!



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2 responses to “Mobile Firefox – does it really rock?

  1. Foxmarks would be ideal though, i.e. syncing the bookmarks on your desktop with those on your mobile. I think Opera Mini can do that, but I’ve never really looked into it.

  2. Steve

    Xmarks as they are now going be known – I knew there was a reason for a timely delay in replying 😉

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