Pimp My Twitter!

Just so we are clear, going forward this will NOT be known as PMT. Ok, now we have that cleared up I suggest you head over to Free Twitter Designer and customise your Twitter layout, so you can stand out from the crowd.

It’s not perfect, the image quality is pretty shoddy with lots of bleed, especially around text. But hey, what do you expect from a free service and nobody wants to hours while high-res images upload.

The creative process.

The creative process.

If you go to my Twitter profile you will see my quick attempt to brighten up my profile. A splurge here, a squirl there and the all important, though unfortunately not clickable, website address for this very blog.

It’ll be interesting to see if down the line Twitter do open up customisation possibilities a bit more, much like MySpace, and allow people full access to place links, images and maybe even advertising.



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4 responses to “Pimp My Twitter!

  1. Customisable backgrounds is fine, heck Twitter even allows you to change the colour of text, links and backgrounds, any more would IMO result in something exactly like Myspace. I.e. the back alley way of the net, playing loud music and graffiti painted on the walls.

    That said, I rarely use Twitter within the web browser, usually I use Twhirl and Twibble so I only see the tweets, and avatars.

  2. Steve

    I must check out some of the other Twitter applications – I’ve started using TwitterFox which is very good.

  3. I disliked Twitterfox, it was alright for updating but not convenient for seeing everyone else’s updates.

  4. Steve

    I’m finding that out now, very limiting. I may have go for a desktop app after all, unless there are any better Firefox apps that you know of? I’m going to trawl through the Stuff.TV list of 40 Twitter apps and see what treasures I can uncover.

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