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Ever wondered what your twitter Rank is? I certainly have, ok, so it occured to me once, juts a few monutes ago. Google led me to Twitter Rank where upon I was told that rank is 8.65 which is approximately 23.47 percentile. In other words over 75% of Twitter users are higher than me on this scale.

To put that into perspective, here are a few other people’s (that I follow) Twitter Ranks:

Tech Crunch – 210.19 (99.84 percentile)
Wil Wheaton – 190.16 (99.41 percentile)
Wossy – 179.07 (98.99 percentile)
Stuff.TV – 74.42 (78.59 percentile)

The top 50 list can be found here and the FAQ which explains it all can be found here.

Now on to my favourite, stats! Head over to Tweet Stats and find out all sorts of fascinating information about your Twitter habits, good and bad.

February has been busy

February has been busy

Though my first Twitter account was opened in March 2007, and this one has been running since last August, it’s only this month that I’ve really become more active as Twitter has gained popularity and I have found more people I want to follow.

When I Tweet

When I Tweet

Looking like a TV guide it shows when I Tweet, which is gone in to more detail with the following graphs…

Tweeting at weekends

Tweeting at weekends

I do more interesting things at weekends so it makes sense that I Tweet. While my little boy sleeps, I Tweet!

Tweet with cereal?

Tweet with cereal?

6am is my most regular Tweeting time which is when I generally wake up and find lots of things to Tweet about – with lots of the accounts I follow being American I have lots to catch up on by breakfast.

The Big Spud!

The Big Spud!

My replies, mostly to BigSpud who is one of my best friends – ahhh!

How I Tweet

How I Tweet

This one will change pretty rapidly as I have only been using Twitterific for a week or so and tend to do most of my Tweeting on my iPod Touch. When the Ovi Store opens in May I expect there will be a mobile application for my Nokia 5800 that I will use for a lot of Tweets from then on.

It's all great!

It's all great!

My top five words are: new, work, today, great, good – that’s pretty positive! Apparently I’ve had 7 twooshes, which is a 140 character Tweet!

So, head over to Tweet Stats and find out how you Tweet.



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2 responses to “Twitter Ranking & Statistics

  1. There’s also Twitterholic which breaks the ranking down into regions, so you can find out how popular you are in your town/city. I love TweetStats, because it doesn’t require a password you can snoop on other Tweeps stats too. Although I am rather amazed how many stat related things that there are for Twitter.

  2. Steve

    Thanks for the Twittedholic link, I just Tweeted my stats, handy little to that – for them and us.

    I was fully expecting a password would be required on Tweet Stats when I decided to look at other users, I was delighted when I didn’t need one, but I wonder if I should be worried?

    The number of Twitted applications for all kinds of uses is quite stunning, and the volume of news surrounding Twitted is causing a backlash from some readers on places like Tech Crunch.

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