Nokia 5800 breaks sales records in India

According to the Economic Times in Inida, the Nokia 5800, or Tube as it was once known, has broken mobile phone sales records in India by shifting 58,000 units in the first 3 weeks of sales. Hang on, 5800, sells 58000 – I think someone has done some creative rounding to reach that wonderfully marketable number!

58,000 sales in just 3 weeks

58,000 sales in just 3 weeks

The phone sells for 20,000 Indian Rupees which converts to around £280, which incidentally is the same price that Carphone Warehouse are selling it for here in the UK. As a Nokia 5800 owner myself I got the phone free on a £15/month deal.

Back on the 23rd January this year, Nokia announced in a press release that they had just shipped the millionth Nokia 5800 – this was the same day the phone was launched in the UK.

I can attest to the quality of this phone and have witnessed almost blanket love for it from other owners in forums across the internet. It’s got everything you need for both media playback and internet browsing, and comes in a convenient candy bar size so my pocket isn’t bulging. I am yet to attach the plectrum styled stylus alternative, though as a guitar player I am very tempted.


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