Universal Mini USB Charger – At Last!

Yes, it’s another post about mobile phones and yet more news to come out of the Mobile World Congress! This is great news though, for everyone – the main mobile manufacturers have all agree that going forward their phones will use a universal mini USB charger. Gone are the days of having a new charger for every phone, none of which work with the other! This will drive the price down of spare chargers and of other accessories like car chargers, as companies strive for market share.

Every house will have one soon!

Every house will have one soon!

With this announcement I am hoping that one of my other gripes is addressed and corrected going forward, and that’s the inclusion of a 3.5mm jack to be included on all phones. Nokia are very good at this, Sony Ericsson and Samsung are not. With the media players being so high spec on new phones they are evidently targeting audiophiles and those people will want to use their own headphones/earphones without having to use a dongle, if one is even available. It’s all very well having 16Gb of space of memory to store all our music, but without the ability to get the best audio quality you may as well not bother. Please, make the 3.5mm jack standard.


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