Comic Recommendation: DMZ

Having read volume 1 of DMZ; One The Ground, I can wholly recommend it as a gritty, gripping and emotionally involving (couldn’t think of another ‘g’ word) story with some fantastic artwork.

This is from Wiki:

– – –

The setting is New York City in the near future. A civil war is taking place between the United States of America and the Free States. The Free States are described in the first issue as being “New Jersey and inland”; in issue #8, it is revealed that “the Free States are an idea, not a geographical entity”;[3] the movement began in Montana and made its way east. The Free Armies and the U.S. military met at Allentown, Pennsylvania where the Free Armies won, after which the Free Armies descended on New York; the exact chain of events from hereon has yet to be revealed. Manhattan is the location of the demilitarized zone between the two warring parties. In an interview, Brian Wood described the back-history as the citizens of Middle America having risen up against the pre-emptive war policies of the US government, causing a Second American Civil War.

The protagonist is Matthew (Matty) Roth, a naïve photo journalism intern from Long Island, who enters the DMZ with a news-crew. He becomes trapped when the rest of the news crew and the soldiers escorting them are killed in a firefight with “insurgents”. Matty becomes the only journalist on the ground in the DMZ and he begins to report on the daily struggle of life for the everyday citizens of Manhattan.

– – –

After finishing Y: The Last Man and reading the latest Fables (War and Pieces) I wanted a new series to get stuck into. After many recommendations from the fine people on the SFX Forum I decided to go for DMZ and got volume 1 from my local library – one of the few graphic novels/trade paperbacks they actually stock. A few pages in and I knew I’d made a good choice – interesting and topical setting with a good lead character and great artwork – a page turner of a comic book which saw me with my heart in my hand towards the end of this volume.

The next 4 volumes are on their way to me now – if only I wasn’t so impatient!


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