X-Factor: Miley > Britney

Last night was Britney Night on the X-Factor with all the contestants singing one of her hits and another American song. Of course this was all highlighted, supposedly, by a live performance from Ms Spears herself.

Now when Britney appears ‘live’ we have come to expect that she will be miming, something to do with not be able to sing very well!? Anyway, that is just what she did last night, and while it was just ‘ok’ it wasn’t that impressive and won’t be leaving a very positive impression on the UK audience, which is a shame for her first UK performance in 5 years.

On to what was an impressive performance and the rising star of pop, Miley Cyrus. Not only did she sing live but her performance was rocking, to say the least. It seems the Brit could learn a few things from the recently turned Sweet Sixteen star of Hannah Montana on how to put on a show. Miley sung her latest single, 7 Things, and I urge you to check it out, here: linkage.


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