Chinese Democracy – Success!

When the lady in the shop couldn’t find the Chinese Democracy disc I thought my wait for this album was going to be even longer. Thankfully she found it, and it was both awesome and surreal to finally hold Chinese Democracy in my hands. However, I didn’t play it until the next day as the Day & Age CD made it into my CD player first!

On the day 2 (this sounds like Genesis!) I finally played the long awaited Guns N’ Roses album, and I wasn’t blown away. I wasn’t even sure I liked some of the songs and I have to admit I felt disappointed. I had only played up to including track 12 so the next day I continued with Track 13; This I Love – wow! The piano, the vocals, the lyrics and the guitar – what an amazing song! This was followed by Prostitute, the last song on the album and also brilliant. At this point I began to wonder if I had been in the right frame of mind when I listened to the first 12 tracks and a 2nd listen of the CD proved I hadn’t, as the songs sounded so much better than before.

I’ve listened to Chinese Democracy 4 times now and I think it’s absolutely superb. I’m not really at the stage of naming favourite sings, apart from This I Love, as I am still absorbing them all! It’s a great mix of songs with some great lyrics and really, who misses Slash with the awesome guitars on this album? A few days ago a friend asked if me if I preferred the new Killers or Guns N’ Roses album – I took the easy way out saying they were different albums and I loved both. Now I’m ready to man up and make a choice – Chinese Democracy, album of the week, album of the year, album of the….?


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