Killers – GREAT new album

I loved Hot Fuss, even though I only found out about it many months after everyone else so my first listen was more of ‘oh I know that one’ than listening to it for the first time.

I didn’t think much to Sam’s Town when I first heard it, the day it came out, and though I have warmed to it since, it’s way below Hot Stuff for me.

On to Day & Age and I absolutely loved it, all the way through, on my very first listen, which was yesterday night in the car, on the way home after a hassley day! I love Human which is what got me excited about the album, as before I had no intention of hurrying to buy Day & Age. The standout track for me is Goodnight, Travel Well which is a haunting and magical track that builds wonderfully and at almost 7 minutes long isn’t over before it’s even started like too many songs these days.

Superb album, now I am motivated to buy their b-sides album; Sawdust.


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