"I’m just being Miley"

If you don’t know the name Miley Cyrus or her television alter ego Hannah Montana, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past 6 months, or listening exclusively to Radio 4. Miley, daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus (remember Achy Breaky Heart?), is a megastar in America and one of the top franchises under the Disney banner at the moment.

Miley has recently been over to London for the first time and performed at BBC Switch this past Sunday. It has just been announced that at a mere 15 years old, she has finished a book of her life, for which she was paid a 7 figure sum. While some may baulk at this, anyone who has ever heard Miley talk will know this is a young lady with her head well and truly screwed on. Coming from a show business family is never easy and when driven along by the Disney media machine, well, life must have been pretty hectic.

The book is due out in March 2009 and I for one am quite intrigued to see what a 15 year old fills a whole book with, even one as successful as Miss Cyrus!



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2 responses to “"I’m just being Miley"

  1. RoastPotato

    Whilst neither rock-dwelling nor Radio 4 exclusive (Radio 2’s quite good), were it not for an 8 year old friend of mine I wouldn’t have a clue who this is. So I wouldn’t be surprised if others didn’t – see Mania, Si.

  2. Steve

    Any protestations from Si are an effort to keep his daily Hannah Montana dancemat sessions under wraps.

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