The various adventures, exploits and titillations of Paul West span 4 books, so far, and are chronicled by Stephen Clarke.

A Year in the Merde gave us our first look at the sometimes complicated but often funny life of Paul West in his quest to open an English Tea Room in France – a far more taxing project than any of us could ever imagine. Merde Actually picks up where A Year in the Merde left off and sees Paul’s dream come reality, and an emphasis now put on finding Madame Parfait! The third instalment, Merde Happens, sees events take many an interesting turn in a Mini Cooper and a location change to America!

The 4th and most recent book is Dial M for Merde and is a murder mystery (as one would no doubt guess from the title) with our hero Paul West in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person, or is it?

Clarke’s books are full of fun, frolics and an impressive amount of culture and history. An assortment of fantastic characters and captivating story make all these books page turners which come with the highest of recommendations. See for yourself at Stephen’s website: linkage!


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