No more Buffalo Trading Co.?

Visit Disney Village at Disneyland Resort Paris and there is one shop that stands out more than all the others due to its unique theming, and that is the Buffalo Trading Co. Kitted out to go with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, it is a Western themed shop which sells not only Cowboy inspired Disney goods but also genuine Western goods and clothing with no affiliation to Disney – a rare but refreshing sight in a Disney park!

The latest rumour is that Disneyland Resort Paris will be getting a Starbucks and that the chosen location will be where the fantastic Buffalo Trading Co. currently stands – oh 😦 We visit the shop probably once every day when we visit and often buy some bits, something others obviously don’t.

I’ll be very sad to see it go, but if it were being replaced by something just as special it would soften the blow. Seeing a coffee shop that you can see every 200 yards on any high street is a huge disappointment. My only hope is that like a lot of rumours, this one never comes to fruition.


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