Friday Night Lights is back

The Dillon Panthers are back for a 3rd season, though I suspect it could be the last season. Friday Night Lights started out as a fantastic book written in 1990 by H. G. Bissinger. In 2004 it was made into a film starring Billy Bob Thornton among others. Finally, in 2006 the TV show premiered which saw the Permian Panthers substituted for the fictional Dillon Panthers.

The TV show is a great mix of characters, storylines and terrific acting the whole way through. Steering away from the glamorous and sensationalist storylines that have become popular of so many TV dramas, Friday Night Lights is gritty and down to earth, with lots for people to identify with both from the characters and the situations they find themselves in.

Season 2 was cut short to just 15 episodes because of the Writers Guild of America strike and season 3 has only been commissioned for 13 episodes. Running back and star of the Panthers Brian ‘Smash’ Williams along with paralysed ex QB1 (First String Quarterback) Jason Street are two characters that won’t be returning on a regular basis which makes sense as Smash has gone to play college football and Jason’s storylines were running dry in season 2.

The awesome Tim Riggins will be returning along with the rest of the cast and there are a few additions, one of which will be making a play for Matt Saracen’s QB1 position.

In short, this may be the greatest TV show you have never seen, or maybe even heard of! Season 1 is available on DVD in the UK (Seasons 1 and 2 are on DVD in America) and you really should buy it, you’ll be doing yourself an injustice if you don’t.



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